The Big Show

United Fan Con 16
November 10-12, 2006

For those who love the technical side of productions...


This year will be Encore's 11th season providing technical services (Sound & Lighting) for this event.  And this year, the show is featuring 2 musical guests who will each perform a concert.  As a result, we are upgrading our entire sound and lighting system support to full concert sound and lights.  This means not only will we be providing music for dinner, dancing and between guests throughout the weekend, but also a full sound board with monitors, etc. 

The event is a 3 day Science Fiction and, Fantasy, Comic Books, and now Rock and Roll convention weekend.  (Check out our calendar page and click on the link in November for more details about the event).  Encore is not a huge touring concert sound company - We started primarily as a DJ company a few years ago.  As we accumulated more and more equipment for larger events, spares, rentals, etc. it was only natural that we included other services beyond DJ and karaoke parties.  Thus the Live Sound division was born.

Below is what we will be taking to this years event - we will commandeer the grand ballroom of the Marriott from Friday until Sunday.  Load in starts on Friday, and load out begins after the last song of Sunday's concert, in the afternoon.  This web page is intended to be a "work in progress" of our preparation for the show.  The intent is to provide a little insight as to what goes into a show when you hire Encore.  

This event is over - but in the essence of keeping this page simple, the bottom section has some info about what we DID at the show.



The full sound system will consist of:


  • (4) 15" Folded horn subwoofers near the stage
  • (2) Large full range 2-way main cabs (15" sub + horn)
  • (2) Medium full range main cabs (15" + horn)
  • (4) Small 2-way speakers "flown" over front of stage
  • (10) Small 2-way 10" floor monitors

AMPLIFIERS (3400 Watts total)

  • (2) 800 Watt x 2 channel FOH
  • (1) 800 Watt x 2 channel FOH Sub
  • (1) 250 Watt x 4 channel Monitor

LIGHTS (2800+ Watts)

  • (16) Black PAR38
  • (8) Silver PAR38
  • (4) White Mini-moon flower
  • (4) Colored Mini-moon flower
  • (1) Nitro (rotating gobo)

We'll by using (2) 16x4 channel snakes to run from the mix position to the stage, providing 32x8 channels.  We're using (4) monitor mixes.  Lights will be controlled by a small (but versatile) 24 channel DMX controller.

Throughout the weekend event we will be providing full concert sound and lighting, dinner music, dance music and "on the fly" sound support.





Subs - part of large 2-way main FOH speakers



Click for larger image
FOH Mixer, FOH & Monitor Amp Racks



Click for larger image Click for larger image
Some of our sections of truss being rigged with lights



Click on the thumbnail below for a larger image

Monitor Rack FOH EQ & Compressor Rack 1 of 2 lighting cases Trailer almosted loaded Trailer fully loaded !! Amp Racks final testing  Cases ready to roll Effects and Feedback destroyer  



Now that the event is over - we'll update this section (a little at a time, as we have time) with the "aftermath" of the show  (More to come as time permits...)

Our sound AND lighting system needed to be extremely flexible - providing 2 stage sizes, and various applications throughout the weekend.  Friday night used a 16x30 foot stage.  Then Saturday and Sunday the stage was reduced to 8x30.  After Friday's concert, the lighting rig needed to be moved back 8 feet.  Also, the stage was stripped clear of equipment for most of Saturday and Sunday's schedule.  Then reset for a 5:00 PM concert on Sunday night.

The venue was set up theater style with just under 700 seats.  Our modest 10 speaker FOH system was adequate for the entire weekend, including the most demanding concert portions.

Due to the variety of entertainment we patched and re-patched our mixer a couple of times throughout the weekend.  Friday's concert set up was for a 7 pc band, but Sunday's set up was only for a 4 pc band, so organizing our mixer inputs meant moving vocal mic assignments - and also wireless mic requirement changes.  On Saturday the day time schedule used for the most part just 1 or 2 wireless mics.  But the "cabaret" in the evening required ad DI box and one floor monitor.

Our lighting service included a follow spot, which was used for the concerts, cabaret, and single "acts".  The spot is simple, but very affective.




Stage left - FHO Mains, Subs and some stage monitors
Speakers - Stage Left



Follow Spot
Follow Spot

Here we are, at the gig...

Our view from the mix position Our view from the mix position DJ, Wireless Mic, Recording and FOH Mixer FOH Mixer, EQ, Effects rack & Lighting controller
Main & Monitor Amp Racks at Stage Right PAR cans over stage PAR cans over stage
Band on stage


Come by and visit us!

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